Salvaged Glass

I often use salvaged glass in casting. Here are a few examples. This one was cast from old drop-in ceiling lens glass. Tabletops and shelves are especially good because the glass is thick. I also cast tempered glass shards.

44 Forms (Talking Heads)

44 Forms (Talking Heads) Kilnformed glass 76” x 22” x 3” January 2021   Seven strands of hand-shaped and kilnformed mixed glass, tied with monofilament to kilnformed salvaged glass bar. Pieces are aligned to maximize sound effects when viewer moves the strands. The inverted pyramid represented by the white glass pieces is a form used…… Continue reading 44 Forms (Talking Heads)


“Departures,” 49” x 19” clear glass panel. The glass was a shelf salvaged from trash. Figures born on currents of air and water have been a motif in my work since 2013. These spirits insist on making a regular appearance. I depict their movement in an ambiguous way so that the viewer has to answer…… Continue reading Departures

Glass Window Panel

This glass piece, now on display on a wall at the Wellness Center, is intended as a window panel. Meant to lift your spirits even on gloomy days, but it will look good in sunshine too!  

Ever Upward

This piece, “Ever Upward,” is one of a series that can be displayed on the wall or hung in front of a window. The background colors and light through a window bring out ever-changing details in the glass. I love creating new textures of clear glass in the kiln.