Glass Ornaments

Christmas in September at the Guild meeting! We made ornaments for the Festival of the Trees, to benefit Wellspring Living, an organization that serves survivors of sex trafficking and those at risk.

Blue Flags

This textured fused glass piece, “Blue Flags,” is headed to the Bowen Center for our member show in April.  

Resist Fist in Glass

Resist Fist in glass #warmglassart #warmglass #fusedglass #fusedglassart #decaturga #kilnformedglass #blacklivesmatter #resist

Tranquil Gate

We all have gates we must pass through, not knowing what is on the other side. “Tranquil Gate” and “Gray Gates Poems 6 & 7” combine fused transparent gray glass with marbled stained glass.

Gray Gates Poems

Another of the Gray Gates Poems. These are mostly about 10“ x 36“ and can be hung as is, or fused to a background to match your decor  

Gray Gate Poems

Excerpt from a new fused glass series “Gray Gate Poems”. This poem in its entirety is 10” by 38” and can hang directly on the wall – which then casts subtle shadows – or can be fused onto a colored piece of glass to match your decor.

Glass tree

Trying to decide what to do with this glass tree I made. Please click on photo to see the whole piece. It’s 10” by 22” and weighs nothing. I like it just as it is, but there are other directions it could go: become part of a fused glass scene that is then framed and…… Continue reading Glass tree