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Last of the first days

I think that all blogs have a natural life-span. This blog’s life is over. I designed it to be about the last days I spent in Dubai, and the first days in Dili. After seven weeks in Timor, I think … Continue reading

This site is NOT censored

 Many apologies and much embarassment here…. It appears it was the local server blocking me (though I have yet to understand why…) Have removed the post in order to minimize damage from unfair lashing at TT. Not that they don’t … Continue reading

Sunday drive

It’s been many a year since I’ve done a regular Sunday drive – since childhood, I guess. But we have a car, and a day off, and an open road. Although we’re a bit cautious because of the security problems, … Continue reading


9:35 a.m.: There is a live chicken in my kitchen. Regina has bought it, at our request, and will butcher it and bring the pieces to us. I didn’t think she’d bring it to me before then, though… so now … Continue reading

Estadu de Sitio

(Lest you think that I’m oblivious to what is going on in East Timor, with all my pretty photos and prose, here’s a personal update….)  The news update in my team meeting is tense. The president has declared a state … Continue reading

How the day goes

It’s hard to say when this day actually began. I guess it was at 1:10 a.m., when I woke up, and Tom was awake, and my Bose headphones were still on my head but switched off so that the noise-canceling … Continue reading

Another angle

I do still miss Dubai, for sure. But, I have to admit, it’s good to live in a country where: +When you walk down the street, people actually smile back at you and say “Bon dia, Senora.” +A polo shirt, … Continue reading

Just another day in paradise

UNPol is investigating this morning’s incident in which a Timorese national was fatally injured, and two others were injured, at an internally displaced persons’ camp near the Dili airport. UNPol advises the area is secure after officers from the Malaysian, … Continue reading

Foreigner price

The currency in East Timor is the US dollar. That’s what you pay with at stores, and that’s what you get out of the cash machine. This despite the fact that there’s no strong American presence (they even still like … Continue reading


I can’t believe I live in a country where: -Ash Wednesday is a public holiday. -Dogs sleep for hours in the middle of the street. -It’s perfectly acceptable to say to a woman in a job interview, “We heard that … Continue reading