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Make an audio tour of a hike – on your iPhone

Now you can make a “walking tour” of your hike – with audio and photos. Create it right on your iPhone using Shadow Puppet app. Here’s a quick example –

The Power of Mushrooms to Save the Planet

Fun facts about mushrooms – starting from the cell level. What makes them so amazing, the author notes, is  their cell walls are made of a molecule called chitin instead of cellulose that you’d find in plants. Chitin is bendable … Continue reading


Another in the series with my exciting “new” macro lens. Fungus on a branch.

The adaxial basil

In learning to garden, I have tried to be more observant of my plants – to notice their wounds, their color, the way the leaves emerge. This new sprig of basil is only a few mm across. I’m glad that … Continue reading

A macro lens – from spare parts

The surface of the nut shown here is about 3/4″ – that crack is less than a millimeter. While reading about macro lenses and trying to decide what to buy, I saw a forum comment that you could put two … Continue reading

Fighting fire with fire

  Although they sometimes conflict, my art photography has been greatly influenced by journalism. Not only because journalism is the center of my career, but because so many of the photographers who have influenced me are photojournalists. Mostly, that’s been … Continue reading

Lance Creek, HDR

Lance Creek, Chattahoochee National Forest, on Thanksgiving Day. Temperature in the high 60s, and lots of vegetation has died off, giving easier access to view spots on the creek. This HDR was created by layering and blending two exposures, with … Continue reading

Eggs, sort of

I had to illustrate a story about how to cook eggs in a plastic bag, in boiling water, over a campfire.   I did some typical things, but the abstract is the one that I loved.