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The Pennies Project

I began a new project on July 7, 2015, with seven boxes of pennies: 16,252 of them. My goal is to create a sculpture, one day at a time, built with pennies and daily reflections about time, structures, metal, inheritance, value, and the … Continue reading

Rising, Falling

A new rendition of Rising, Falling. Acrylics applied with ketchup bottle and sponge roller on 140-lb multimedia paper. Approx. 42″ X 48″

Polaroid emulsion

I call these photos Polaroid self-portraits. Before my father died, he gave me the family camera – the first camera I ever used. It’s a Polaroid 360 Land Camera, bought in 1969, when I was 10 years old. The flash unit … Continue reading

Art in Bloom

This underwater photograph, Temporary Home, was featured in the exhibit “Art in Bloom” at Big Canoe, Georgia. I shot it in Jamaica using my new underwater camera. I was watching the layers of water and light, and how the steps … Continue reading