The list

A working list of what I love and hate about Dubai and the UAE (which will be continually updated, so watch this space).


flower1.jpg In Creek Park

Cleanliness, quiet, safety, cosmopolitan, optimism, hub location, the Creek, the Gulf, the parks, the mosques, architecture, modesty, camels walking around, the E-gate at the airport, Arabic, professionalism of government workers, Bastakiya’s art galleries, the fabric souk, the malls, people-watching, men’s headdress, availability of products and services, low prices on food, walking in our neighborhood, going to the tailor, the anthropology of this place and time.



Ghosts of commerce yet to arise

Excessive censorship of Internet, traffic, high rents, money-grubbing attitudes, companies’ treatment of workers, developing-country service, cult-worship portraits of rulers, boring self-censoring media, sandstorms, heat, electric bills, lack of high-quality cultural events.