Just another day in paradise


UNPol is investigating this morning’s incident in which a Timorese national was fatally injured, and two others were injured, at an internally displaced persons’ camp near the Dili airport.


UNPol advises the area is secure after officers from the Malaysian, Pakistani and Portuguese Formed Police Units were immediately deployed to the area.


According to a public statement released this morning by the International
Security Forces, the ISF responded to a disturbance at the Airport IDP
camp and during that incident an ISF soldier was attacked and defended
himself by shooting the attacker, resulting in the death of one Timorese
























The Special Representative of the Secretary General Atul Khare has moved
to reassure the people of Dili that the security situation at the IDP camp is under control.


He thanked the people of Timor Leste for having maintained peace in Dili over the past 36 hours.


…Timor Post cited Special Representative to the Secretary General Khare as saying that UNPPOL had detained 148 people in relation to the latest security events in Dili and that he’s saddened with the damages to the UN cars and police officers.


The rock-throwing incidents left 7 UNPOL officers injured as they tried to provide law and order, said the Head of UNMIT stressing that the UN presence in Timor-Leste is here to help the people to find peace and stability.





Diario Nacional reported SRSG as saying all Timorese must condemn the violence perpetrated by some people against the UN whose role in the country is to provide peace and stability.


He appealed to people to refrain from violence

and maintain calm and to prepare for the elections.


The Head of UNMIT hopes the elections will be held in a free and fair environment and the results accepted by all the Timorese in order for Timor-Leste to proceed on to prosperity.


He believes the security situation will be resolved before the elections due to the efforts not only from the UN but from the government as well.





-From UN media monitoring report, Dili


3 thoughts on “Just another day in paradise

  1. You’ve moved to a new level. The juxtaposition of the beauty with the ominous report is haunting. Seems like a little film. I can hear a piece in a minor chord playing softly in the background (Barber maybe), while an official voice reads the report as the photos slide past. That the only opinion voiced exists in the photos makes the thing profound.

    Caused me to pull up Wyeth’s painting of Christina, but was surprised to find that the thunderstorm on the horizon exists only in my mind.

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