Interlude: Mogadishu in Denpasar

Where I go, Mogadishu goes.mog_bathroom.jpg

I let him stick his head out of my carry-on for the whole trip, and he loved it. Other travelers tried very hard to ignore me when I sat him on the table guarding the salt shaker. But who wants to talk to them anyhow?

Why “Mogadishu”? Rhymes with Machu Pichu and tiramisu, that’s why.

Why Denpasar? [That’s in Bali, an island in Indonesia.] Because it’s the normal routing to get to Dili. Don’t ya know?

So we’ve been enjoying Bali together. We’ve been to the pool, mog-pool.jpg

through the gardens, mog-flowers.jpg

mog-beach.jpg to the beach

and to


the spa (many times).

He likes Balinese sculpture mog-statue.jpg

and adores all the exotic flora

He’s a bit frightened of all the animals, though. Everything seems to move as though it were filmed with some frames missing: squirrels, geckos, fruit bats, frogs, even the songbirds are jerky in their movements, in strange contrast to the serenity of the place. Must be all the natural sugar floating around.

But Mog’s gotten plenty of exercise.

And we’re so relaxed, we feel like we’re dying.mog-swinger.jpg

All those toxins flowing out gotta hurt when they get washed away…..

2 thoughts on “Interlude: Mogadishu in Denpasar

  1. Hey Lisa:
    Great to reconnect with you. You’re leaving a great trial across our world. I just received your new book from ICFJ today. Very useful.
    We’re just back from Namibia (our third trip). Now we want to relax for a bit aboard our little boat.
    We are in the freezing north (CT) but head south tomorrow (Wednesday).
    Stay well.

  2. Hi there, long lost buddy!

    You’ve got three members of the Kelton family here very much enchanted by your pictures of a little yellow pup. (The children among us have probably 250 stuffed animals between them, so they know of what they speak.) V.V. sent me your blog link, and I caught up just a little bit before we have to head off to basketball practice. It was wonderful to reconnect with you in such a charming way. You will always be one of my favorite people on the planet (and you’re doing a good job of making an appearance on all of its surfaces). Just to catch you up really quickly, I’ve left the P-I and am now managing editor for the software category at I get to ride the train to work. It makes me happy.

    Miss you! Love you! Giant hugs! — Alana

    Kelton children comment on Mogadishu:

    Arielle: I like the picture where he’s smelling the flower. And he’s very cute. Can I have him?

    Ryland: HE’S SO CUTE!

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