Last of the first days

I think that all blogs have a natural life-span. This blog’s life is over.

I designed it to be about the last days I spent in Dubai, and the first days in Dili. After seven weeks in Timor, I think my “first days” are finished.

But more than that, I have realized that I really just can’t write freely here. I am connected to a project, and am part of the NGO community. I don’t want to unwittingly cause problems for this project by something I write on the blog.

There are dozens of stories I didn’t write here, and that makes me sad.

I’ve enjoyed blogging. Maybe I’ll start another one someday.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Last of the first days

  1. You really shouldn’t stop this blog. A lot of people read it although you may not know it. It’s gentle and flowing and a very nice thing to read. It puts things into perspective. Some blogs are political, some are introspective, some are diatribes and some are bollocks.
    You write well and interestingly.
    Keep it up, or start another one and use a ‘nom de guerre’, but let us know where to find it.


  2. Hello – this has been a joy to read. Don’t stop…..just keep writing your thoughts, good and bad, abstract and definite……..I am enjoying it!

    (and the pictures too……….)


  3. Yes indeed it is a pity… but I understand your concern – NGO community… reminds me of Kabul! !

    Your photos are just amazing….
    Another talent of yours !



  4. I too am sad to see this blog go, but totally understand. Would love to hear from you regardless…miss you so much! …liz

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