This, too, is Dubai

Abstract of limbs, beaks, feathers of flamingos

My work frequently takes me through Dubai, where I lived for two years. I still feel a great pang of sorrow and homesickness when the plane touches down at the airport.

I saw many things about Dubai that casual travelers didn’t … but more about that in other posts.

One of the actual tourist attractions in Dubai, however, is something I never got around to while I lived there. It’s Ras al Khor, the watery headlands of Dubai Creek, which is home to many thousands of birds.


Abstract of limbs, beaks, feathers of flamingos

I spent some hours there watching and photographing these flamingos. It’s hard to really capture the huge flocks in an overview shot, so I paid more attention to zooming in on the details.

With my new Canon Powershot SX50, I actually got photos of the wrinkles in their knees, the yellow of their eyes. Far closer than I could get with my 300 mm on a Pentax – the Powershot has an equivalent of 1200 mm lens.